I came back from 10 days in the South of France last Thursday.

The family and I holiday down there with the wife’s side of the family every summer.

Yesterday, I did my InBody Assessment down at the club.

For those that don’t know, it gives a really comprehensive overview of our body.

Weight, fat and muscle levels and distribution and much more.

My weight had gone up a few pounds.

Fully expected.

I ate and drank a little more whilst on holiday and did less exercise than normal.


We (nearly) all do it.

Most FitPros will tell you that “You don’t need to gain weight on holiday”.

And, of course, you don’t.

It is entirely optional.

But, for most, it’s an option that we choose to take.

Me telling people not to gain weight on holiday and then doing the same myself would be hypocritical.

And I’ve never been one of these FitPros that feels the need to project a version of themselves that they feel they need to.

AKA “lie to people”.

And, ultimately, me telling you not to gain weight on holiday will probably just make you feel bad when you do.

What I can do though, is the following;

1. Help people question the amount of weight they might gain on holiday

2. Help people create an average over weeks and months that still takes them in the direction that they want to go in, including holidays

3. Help people stop the thoughts that a little bit of weight gain on holiday means that they have “failed” somehow and that they should essentially “stop” and “get started again” at some point in the future, having gained more weight

Most people, when they are members with us, report that they enjoy gaining 2lbs on holiday as much, if not more, then they used to enjoy gaining half a stone.

They learn to question the mindsets of “all or nothing”.

They recognise that, just because they can’t eat “perfectly” (whatever that means), that doesn’t mean they need to eat and drink everything in sight.

They recognise that “getting their monies worth” from something they’ve already paid for by gaining weight doesn’t make any sense.

They realise that, when returning from holidays, getting straight back to the Sessions and creating a deficit in their eating makes much more sense than the exact opposite.

They become okay with knowingly “sub-optimal and done” over “theoretically better and not done”.

Recognising that two step backwards and three steps forward across a month is better than just two steps backwards.

Or even four steps backwards, leaving more to do next month.

Ultimately, you don’t have to gain weight on holiday, but most of us do.

It’s just how much and what that means over weeks and months that we can choose to control.

Much love,

Jon ‘I pointed to a road sign that said ‘Nice Cannes’ and told my wife it was for her. My genius joke was ruined because she didn’t know that Americans use the word “can” for “bum”‘ Hall

P.S. If you’re wanting to start getting in better shape after your holidays, and have accepted that going back to the same old, same old will lead to the same long term results as before, then here’s where you will find lasting change —-> www.myrise.co.uk/apply. Don’t “leave it till September” thought as the places will go before then!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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