On Saturday night,my girlfriend and I had a rare child free night.

All three with their other parents you see.

So, we took advantage and went to see some friends in Liverpool and ended up hitting the bars of Crosbie (Alex, my girlfriend, was drinking for the both of us as I was driving).

Left a little later than expected at about 2am.

And I was starving.

So we stopped off for drive thru McDonald’s.

Which will surprise a lot of people.

But there’s a few points to make that you might be useful / interesting to some of you.

1. It wasn’t planned – I think the last time I ate any McDonald’s food was about 10 years ago. As we recommend, I plan my food round the activities we have on – I just hadn’t expected to be out that late.

2. I went for the best option available – just a chicken wrap to tide me over till I got home. No thinking “Sod it, I’m here now” and having a full meal and a few extras.

3. I didn’t stress it. It wasn’t ideal, but if there’s one thing worse than eating bad food, it’s eating bad food while stressing about it. Causes elevated cortisol, extra fat storage and affects our relationship with food.

4. I didn’t let my hammered girlfriend peer pressure me into extra foodage. To be fair to her, she only mentioned “Are you sure you don’t want a meal?”, but it’s good to go into such occasions with a plan of what you will eat / drink and stick to it, regardless of what anyone else says.

5. I really hate being hungry. One of the reasons we don’t recommend the ‘Starvation Diet’ (ie: calorie cutting) – it’s not much fun.

You get the idea, if you really have to go somewhere bad, make the best of a bad situation – best options, don’t stress it, etc.

But remember that having to make those choices can be avoided 95%+ of the time through proper planning.

Much love,

Jon ‘Hamburgler’ Hall and Matt ‘Mayor McCheese’ Nicholson

I had a McDonald’s on Saturday night Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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