“I hate doing sales” [“I hate being on a diet”]

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We’re only a few days away from December.

Which will mark two years since the first COVID cases.

Two years!

It’s been a challenging two years for the Fitness Industry.

From the start of the first Lockdown to the end of the third, gyms were completely closed for in person for two thirds of that time.

For the rest and then for months after the last Lockdown we were operating under restricted capacity.

I’m super pleased with how we handled it.

But 18 months of not being able to turn over budget………..

With the same or higher outgoings (increased Session numbers cost, cleaning, etc)……….

Have left a hole in the budget that will take a while to fill.

That’s a way better situation than most of the industry though, many of whom are completely screwed!

I have friends who are really struggling.

Who were hanging on for everyone to “come back” post Lockdowns.

Which some did.

But some didn’t.

I told them all along that they needed to be doing stuff to get new people in, alongside those that would come back.

But most didn’t do this.

“I hate sales” is something I hear a lot from those in the Fitness Industry.

Which I get.

No one likes doing ‘sales’ per say (or very few do, at least).

I know I don’t.

But what I do like doing is helping people.

I love when I see our programme help transforms people’s lives and bodies.

Hearing what an impact what we do has on the lives of people who take part, and those around them, is amazing.

I know that what we can do can help others who are currently in a similar situation.

And I would be doing them a massive disservice to not help them realise that.

That’s all I do.

Put stuff out there to help people find out about what we do.

Speak to them on the phone when they want to find out more.

No twisting of arms or “salesly” stuff.

Just give them the information to make an informed decision.

If they want to get cracking and change their life, that’s cool – we get that sorted.

If they don’t think it’s the right fit for them for whatever reason, that’s fine too – I’ll recommend something that might work better for them.

It’s essentially the same thing, of course.

The same processes could be considered “sales” or “helping people get something that’s important to them, but has, thus far, eluded them”.

Just a ‘reframe’.

And we can choose to reframe anything we might not like if we look at it certain ways.

Ideally to something we are, at least, sufficiently ok with doing.

Don’t want to “be on a diet”?

Don’t like the idea of “cutting out carbs / snacks / sugar / treats”?

Then could we reframe that to something more like “giving our body what it needs to look and feel great”?

Or “treating ourselves with love, care and respect”?

“Giving a sh!t about what we put in our mouths because of how it makes us look and feel”?

“Making ourselves feel better, not just for a few seconds, but the rest of the day and week”?

And so on.

Or if we don’t like the idea of “exercise” or “going to the gym”……….

Could we reframe it to “doing what will make us feel better and give us more energy”.

“Increasing our fitness, strength, recovery, mood or whatever else is important to us”?

“Clearing our head” maybe?

No right or wrong, of course.

Describe things how you wish.

But if the way you’re currently describing something means you just don’t want to do it………..

How else could you describe it…………

That you still believe………….

That is something you do want to do?

Much love,

Jon ‘Force’ Hall

P.S. We can change your life. We have for hundreds before, why not you? I’d feel I was doing you a disservice not reminding you of this. And how to take the next step. It’s here –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

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