There are certain phrases that go in and out of fashion over time.

Become used more or less.

There’s one I’ve noticed been used much more frequently over the last five or so years.

It’s the one in the blog title.

“I just don’t have the mental space for it”

I genuinely don’t think I heard anyone say that pre about 2017.

I hear it pretty frequently now.

And I get it.

I feel the same way sometimes too.

My life is pretty full on.

But I also get that we humans can be very good at phrasing something in a way that then keeps us stuck.

“I just don’t have the mental space for it” is, on the face of it, a conversation closer.

A statement of fact.

This is the situation and it’s the reason for these things not happening.


——- And you knew that was coming didn’t you? ———

There are some powerful questions we can ask when we’re feeling that way.

Question 1: How much mental space does this thing need?

Question 2: If that amount of mental space is more than I’m willing to assign, what version could I do that requires less mental space?

Question 3: How could I do it (or a version of it) in a way that requires less mental space?

Question 4: How could I free up mental space used elsewhere?

If we don’t think we’ve got the mental space needed to make wholesale changes to the way that we eat……….

Could we just make some subtle, pretty easy ones that will take us in the right direction?

If we’re currently only using a memory as a way of keeping track of everything that’s going on………

What trusted systems could we use to take as much as possible out of our memory?

——- My entire life is on my Google calendar and I use project management software Asana to keep track of every ongoing part of my life that I have ——–

Ultimately, I get that we might feel we might not have the mental space for something,

But rather than letting that be the end of the conversation, try asking the above questions to find a way to still make forward progress.

Much love,

Jon ‘Googling ‘Mental Space’ for a middle name just left me really confused’ Hall

P.S. If you want an approach where the exercise side, especially, is as “done for you” as possible and requires as little mental space as it can…….. then here’s where you find that (and proven support in helping with the other aspects too) –>


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Jon Hall

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