Have you ever thought “I just need to make a decision”?

Maybe about what you’re going to do around exercise and eating choices?

You know – “decide” and “set my mind to it”.

Seems to make sense on the face of it, doesn’t it?

But, like many approaches that we just generally accept (because that’s what we’ve heard countless others say over the years)……………..

It doesn’t fully make sense.

Because it’s not really just one decision is it?

It’s thousands.

Millions probably.

At most, we might make a decision about what future decisions we intend to make.

But we still have to make those decisions.

Each ‘big decision’ then followed by progressively smaller ones.

Hundreds of workouts.

Which are preceded by decisions about when to do them, booking them in, arranging the logistics around them then going and doing them.

Countless food related decisions all preceded by other decisions about plans for eating, what food ends up being most easily accessible and so on.

The results come from the cumulation of those countless little decisions.

Ones we can just make right now.

When we think it’s this one big decision, we can end up “stuck”.

Just approaching each decision ‘afresh’…………

Knowing that the decisions that preceded it don’t have to have any more affect on the next one than we choose them to have…………

Knowing that, despite what we tell ourselves about it “not mattering”, it’s these that add up………………..

Is what causes those decisions to add up to the life we desire!

Much love,

Jon ‘Tree’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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