“I like my food too much” [Don’t we all?]

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Have you ever thought that part of the reason you’re carrying more body fat than you’d like (and / or struggling to lose it) is…………

“I like my food too much”?

I get that.

I love my food.

As, as far as I’m aware, does everyone.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that’s achieved and maintained a body fat level they’re happy with that’s put it down to “I’m not that bothered about my food”.

So, taking “I like my food too much” off the table………….

Is it worth considering that a more beneficial way of viewing it could be………..

“I like too much food”.

Because that changes that conversation in our head doesn’t it?

We go from being unfortunate at being one of those people who “likes their food too much”………….

To being aware we’re just eating more than we need.

To realising we can still eat stuff we enjoy……….

Just, maybe, a bit less of it at times.

Maybe filling up elsewhere with something less calorie dense?

We can enjoy the right amount of food for us.

It can become solely an avenue of pleasure and enjoyment……….

Rather than that short term…………..

And, potentially, a source of sadness, disappointment and frustration longer term.

Can we just enjoy our food…………

But not have too much of it?

Much love,

Jon ‘Rebranded ‘Too Cool’ on June 13th 1999′ Hall

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