I’m not going to get all Borat on you 😉


High five!


No, I’m talking about something that really rang true to me when I was at a conference in Edinburgh the other weekend.


One of the speakers was one of the top guys in the world on habits and motivation.


And he asked us what was the number one factor that affected whether people were likely to stay part of a group.


You know, like our group on ninjas.


The answer?


Whether or not they feel liked.


Made sense.


And, pleasingly, it’s something we already put a lot of effort into.


It’s why we write these blogs like this.


The way we talk.



It’s why we are so honest and open in our videos, podcasts, writing, etc.


Because it attracts like minded people.


People who watch, read or listen to all this and then decide to come to the find-out-more meeting (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting)………


Are fairly likely to be a good fit with us.


To be our kind of people.


To be people we like and who like us.


Most FitPros are happy to work with anyone with a wallet and a pulse.


And are so afraid to be themselves that they only put out this standardised, vanilla ‘SuperHuman FitPro’ character.


With the result they attract people who aren’t a good fit for them.


With the result that they spend all day pretending to be someone they aren’t.


And grow to hate what they do and who they work with.


And the client doesn’t have a great experience either.


There’s no ‘connection’.


If someone doesn’t like what they read in these blogs (there’s an unsubscribe button at the bottom of every email if that’s you)…..


Or see and hears on videos, podcasts, etc.


Then that’s cool.


They’re not a bad person.


We’re just not a good fit for each other.


If they like it, chances are we’ll like each other.


We’ll enjoy working together.


We’ll all enjoy being part of the same ‘movement’.


And, because we’re all enjoying it, we’ll all continue with it.


## Motivation is only needed when you’re doing something you don’t like ##


And that’s when the magic happens 🙂

Much love,


Jon ‘Mankini’ Hall and Matt ‘You started. You finish’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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