And so concluded every episode of classic 80s TV show ‘The A Team’ as Hannibal’s plan reaches fruition and the bad guys are brought to justice.


Quite why the bad guys always thought it was a good idea to lock them in somewhere with welding gear every week is open to discussion.


Anyhoo …….


Hannibal always had a plan.


But ……..


Everyone has a plan.


A lack of a plan is never the issue.


Everyone knows the basics of what they need to do.


Whatever they want, how to get there is relatively obvious.


Want a better job?


Work harder AND smarter in your current one to improve results, do some extra courses / CPD and actually apply for some jobs.


Want a better body?


Eat better, do regular exercise.


Both hugely simplified, sure.


But the basics of a good plan, no?


The lack of the plan isn’t the issue.


It’s the execution.


It’s fascinating every month to see how different people use EXACTLY THE SAME information.


Some immediately ‘just do it’ and smash through the 20lbs challenge with weeks to spare.


Some struggle to implement it, but get there and squeeze past the 20lbs on the last day.


And a few do next to nothing.


Don’t even make it to the final assessment because their results are minimal.


Same information.


Very different implementation.


And we’re no different.


There’s some bits of our lives we find relatively easy.


But there’s plenty where we know exactly what to do, but never quite manage it.


If you’re happy with your results, then that’s awesome 🙂


If you’re not, then you probably don’t need more info.


You probably don’t need a new plan.


You just need to do it more.


Have a look at what’s stopping you.


What are the bottlenecks?


The roadblocks?


The self limiting beliefs?


The mind sets that are holding you back?


The habits that need to be broken?


The other people’s actions that need to be addressed?


And deal with these things.



Much love,


Jon ‘I ain’t getting on no plane’ Hall and Matt ‘I pity da fool’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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