I do the vast majority of my calls from my home office basement box (I’m there right now).

Whether that’s speaking to potential new members or existing ones.

Rather than just using my mobile, I use an online call system.

It helps me organise, schedule and keep track of everything much more easily.

And, rather than spending several hours a week with my phone held up against my ear (my neck is bad enough already), I use a Bluetooth headset that attaches to my laptop.

The other day the headset came slightly apart.

So I jumped on the Amazon app and was about to reorder the same one.

Until, just before purchase, I took a further look at my headset and realised that it could easily be super glued back together.

Which I then did.

And realised how close I’d come to wasting both money and landfill space.

But that’s definitely the more modern way isn’t it?

Something doesn’t work, replace it.

We live in a much more disposable world.

Wasteful in many ways.

More than ever, we have an attitude of “throw it away and start again”.

Compounded by what we hear from and experience with others.

Much the same as we do with our eating.

I’m reasonably sure that 100 years ago no one ate a bit more than they needed in that time frame and then decided to “write off” the rest of the day / weekend / week / month.

Can you imagine the conversation in 1923?

“That was a nice meal. But it was probably more than I needed to eat in one go”

“Lovely, wasn’t it?”

“I’ll need to leave eating normal portions till next Monday now”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I’ve failed at eating the right amount here so I might as well overeat for the next 12 meals”

“I don’t understand”

As a society, we could do with remembering our grandparents mantra of “make do and mend”.

Whether that’s with things we own.

Or time frames of consumption.

Much love,

Jon ‘Madonna’ Hall

P.S. If you’re currently thinking of “leaving it until the New Year” it’s worth remembering that that’s still 60 days away. And you’ll only be unusually busy on a fraction of those days. If you want to hit the ground running come January, rather than be even further behind then you’ll find that at www.myrise.co.uk/apply


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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