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Have you ever had it so that your internet explorer’s default search engine has changed?

You know – you type your search into the address bar and, rather then opening up that in Google (other search engines are available), it opens in something else?

Normally mine changes to SafeSearch for reasons I am unaware of.

And I pop into settings, delete all other search engines and set Google back as the default.

The other day it changed to Yahoo.


Who still uses Yahoo?

My wife, for one.

She says “I’ll Yahoo it”.

I think only to annoy me, to be honest.

I went to change it and it said it was already Google.

I figured out what had happened a few hours later (it was named Google, but when you opened it up the link itself was Yahoo).

But for a couple of hours every time I tried to search for something it came up in Yahoo.

And I had to copy the search term, start typing in the word Google until www.google.co.uk came up and then paste the search term into what loaded.

And I couldn’t believe how much I Googled stuff.

A quick look at my browsing history suggests over 50 searches during that couple of hours of working.

Images for these blogs, references for middle names, things I couldn’t quite get to work on stuff I’m working on, logistics of upcoming plans and more.

A method of making my usage more obvious and clearer like that, showed me that I Google things much more than I would have thought.

Like accurately tracking our food usually shows us that we’re eating and drinking much more than we thought we were.

If I had a pound for every time some told me “I don’t know why I’m not losing weight, I don’t eat much”……………..

And then accurately tracked for a few days……………

And came back going “I can’t believe how much I was eating”…………….

Well, I wouldn’t be retiring, but I would have a few hundred quid, no exaggeration.

It’s sometimes the portion size.

Sometimes all the little “extras” that we kinda forget “pop into our mouth” throughout the day.

It’s sometimes that we hadn’t realised how calorie dense some things were / are.

Usually it’s a mixture of the three.

If I was to just guess how many times a day I Google stuff, I’d be way short.

If I was to just guess how many calories a day I consumed, it would be the same.

There are many large scale, published, peer reviewed studies that show that the vast majority of us heavily underestimate how much we consume.

Something that removes the “guesswork” is always worth doing.

And, bit of a pain as it might feel, tracking for a few days can be that thing.

There’s not a single higher return on investment activity out there if you’re looking to lose weight and / or make some positive changes to your eating.

If you’re not sure how to track, go check the middle section of the Learn tab on the app.

Or, if you’re not a member already, maybe just get involved?

I promise you’ll achieve way better results working with us than doing it by yourself.

Apply now at www.myrise.co.uk/apply

Much love,

Jon ‘& Field’ Hall


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