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Last month the family and I spent a week in Northumberland with my parents and sister and her family.

There were two places my Dad really wanted to see.

Lindisfarne, which was pretty cool.

Although he was gutted when he found out my youngest and I got into the castle he’d tried several times to get tickets for and was told was fully booked (you don’t ask, you don’t get).

And Vindolanda.

The “excavated remains of a Roman auxiliary fort” and accompanying museum.

Which I also enjoyed.

There were a load of people there at the time continuing the excavation.

You know the score – tooth brush type tools painstakingly removing the soil bit by bit.

The other day I was trying to dig out the root of an old bush from my garden.

Despite being able to use a spade and fork, it took ages.

Quite a frustrating experience.

It crossed my mind how long it would take to expose it all with a toothbrush.

And my brain hurt.

It gave me a new found respect for the patience of those uncovering ancient remains and artefacts bit by bit.

Even more time consuming than I’d really given it credit for.

But still a fraction of the time it took to get covered up I suppose – hundreds or thousands of years.

It’s a bit like our lean body in that respect.

We often under-estimate how long it will take to uncover that.

To remove all body fat that’s been covering it up.

We want results in days and weeks when, more likely, they’re going to take months or years.

But still a fraction of how long it took to cover it up.

Potentially decades, bit by bit.

And, ultimately, not uncovering it doesn’t really save us time.

We’ll get to six months or a year or three down the line either way.

Short of dying.

And we can either have done what needs to be done and be where we want to be.

Or not.

And future us will look back on the decisions we make in the coming days, weeks and months and either be glad that we made them…………..

Or regret them.

Our call, either way.

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Much love,

Jon ‘We’re going to score one more than you. Ingerland’ Hall

P.S. Anyone for that middle name?


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