As we mentioned last week, last Tuesday saw our briefing meeting for the free ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’.
And we had several members who, very kindly, came down to help out.
2 or them, Mark and Fran even told those in attendance a little of their stories since they’d been with us.
Both have done amazingly well.
Fran has lost 6 stone, Mark 5.
And, more importantly, they are much happier.
Interestingly though, Mark finished his bit with “I’ve still got a way to go”.
Now Mark has long ago passed the point her originally set out to get to.
But he’s looking onwards and upwards.
Setting new goals that weren’t previously on his radar.
It’s always good to have something to work towards.
A goal in mind.
Stops you veering off course too much.
At the moment, mine is to get to 6% body fat by 11th November.
I’ve been 6.4 before, so this will be something to work towards.
I was going to do it at some point anyway, but I found out that I have my first pro wrestling match in ages on that date (I was a full time pro wrestler in a former life, if you didn’t know).
At Macclesfield Lesiure Centre of all places.
So I want to be in tip top shape.
You can get discounted tickets at if you like.
Everyone’s welcome 🙂
Having let it slip a couple of years ago, Matt has recently got in the best shape of his life.
It doesn’t need to be an appearance type goal either.
Maybe something more performance related – run a race, do a tough guy type event, etc.
Or something completely unrelated to health and fitness.
Learn a new skill.
Visit somewhere.
It’s always good to have new goals.
And keep moving onwards and upwards.
Never stand still.
Let us know if you’ve got any goals in mind.
Be cool to hear.
Much love,
Jon ‘Got to be ripped by the 11th’ Hall and Matt ‘Already more ripped than Jon’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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