My girlfriend Alex works as a Senior Manager in Corporate Tax at Deloitte in Manchester.


Or ‘works in an office in Manchester’ as she often, modestly, describes it.


Each summer we go to the Deloitte Summer Ball.


Posh do it is.


At the first one I was sat between Alex and the wife of one of the partners (the partner to her other side).


When the desserts we served I, as I usually do, said “no thanks”.


Claire, as she’s called, and I then engaged in the following conversation:


“I shouldn’t really have this”


“Don’t then”


“Well, it’s here now”


“Get rid of it then”


“I couldn’t do that”


“Of course you can. I’ll do it if you want me to?”


“Would you?”


I then proceeded to take her dessert over to another table and asked another bunch of partners if they’d like it.


When no one said anything, I just left it on one of the serving tables and returned to my seat.


And felt every single pair of eyes staring at me.


Alex particularly had a ‘what the hell have you just done’ look on her face.


The partners wife was cool though.


It’s what she said she wanted, after all.


It’s the same in a lot of areas of our life.


Stuff we want to do.


But never quite seem to be successful with.


Working out, eating healthily, getting a better job, being less stressed, I proving flexibility, sleeping better and so on.


So, the best thing to do is to get someone else to help you.


Employ a professional.


The stuff we do with our ninjas they could, of course, do themselves.


But they are smart and experienced enough to know that they won’t for various reasons.


We’re there to make sure they do.


To keep them motivated and on track.


To give them accountability.


That’s the key.


If you’re struggling with some part of your life, don’t just keep struggling.


Nothing will have changed the next time you try something that hasn’t worked before.


Get a friend or a professional to give you some assistance.


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No sales, no pressure, just find out if it’s for you – last chance tonight for January 🙂


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Much love,


Jon ‘Regularly embarrasses my girlfriend’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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