We’re well aware that a lot of what we say contradicts what some other ‘experts’ say.


And it differs from what the average person in the street might usually do.


The average person in the street who is overweight and unhappy, of course.


One thing we often here when we recommend something a bit different………


  • Fully darkening your bed room
  • Removing Mercury fillings
  • Meat, nuts and berries for breakfast
  • Less caffeine, especially for those that don’t sleep well
  • The volumes of water we recommend
  • Stress reduction methods


And so on…….


Is some variation of ‘I turned out fine’


Pointing out that they or someone they know has done the opposite of what we recommend……….


And had no problems because of it.


  • Their grandma who never drank a glass of water and lived to 90 years old (my Granny, funnily enough).
  • Their friend who eats cereal, toast, pasta, etc and is slim.
  • That they themselves had had a coffee before bed for years and always slept well.


And while they might have turned out fine……..


They’re rarely a ‘poster boy’ for that thing!


Our answer is always similar………


Something like:


“Are you saying your sample size of one over rides many thousands of experiments and observations done on millions of people in controlled conditions?”


Or something like that!


We know they’ll always be exceptions to the rule.


But that doesn’t make the rule any less valid.


Our recommendations are based on a combination of the best science and knowledge out there.


From learning from the best in our field.


And from our own observations of tens of thousands of hours of doing this.


Not saying we’ll always be right.


But, just because you may know a person or two who’s done fine without following our recommendations………


Doesn’t mean, for a second, you won’t do MUCH BETTER by following them!!!!!!!!!!




Much love,


Jon ‘Last two mercury filling coming out this week’ Hall and Matt ‘Dark bedroom’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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