Have you ever felt that it’s not fair that your friend appears to be able to “eat what they want” and “never gain weight” ………

Whereas you find the exact opposite?

For a long time, I might have agreed with you .

As I became more and more aware of the research that shows that we do all lose weight when in a calorie deficit……….

And that the vast majority of our differences in energy requirements are down to our body size and composition and activity levels………

With variances when otherwise matched being very minimal……….

I started to say things like “It’s neither fair nor unfair. It just is what it is”.

If anything, I’ve got to the point now where I see it “Is completely fair”.







If we had a bigger car that we drove more, we wouldn’t think it was unfair that it required more fuel than a smaller one that was used less.

If we had a bigger house that we wanted to be warmer we wouldn’t think it was unfair that it cost more to heat (outside of the recent increases in energy costs, of course) than a smaller, colder one.

Frustrating and annoying?


Completely fair though.

A 6’4″, 20 stone, very active person is going to require a lot more energy than a 5 ft, 8 stone and inactive person.

Completely fair.

Two people who are “kind of the same size”, but one’s body composition is made up of considerably more body fat and the other’s considerably more muscle……….

And the latter is 20% more active………

Are going to have somewhat different energy requirements.

Completely fair.

Ultimately, our energy requirements are what they are.

We can either lament that and not make the changes that need to be made to achieve our results .

Or we can accept it, make those changes and achieve those results (cough ** with some proven help –> www.myrise.co.uk/apply ** cough).

It’s fair either way.

Much love ,

‘All’s’ Jon ‘In love and war’ Hall

P.S. I’m going to talk more about “frustration” and similar emotions (and how we can experience them less) tomorrow…….


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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