I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that BMI and weight guidelines are actually more accurate than we’d like to think.

As a freshly qualified PT 20 years ago, I used to knock BMI too.

Primarily because other FitPros did and I assumed they were right.

And because I was fatter then than I realised.

I was wrong.

That’s fine.

We’re all wrong at times.

Part of life.

We’ve been wrong about things before and we’ll be wrong about things again.

So, to think that we’re right about everything right now is optimistic shall we say?

Future us will look back at current us and shake our heads at some of the things that we’re saying, doing or thinking at the moment.

Same for all of us.

It might not be as straightforward and black and white as “right” or “wrong”.

But we’ll change our opinion and viewpoint for sure.

So, could we just do that now?

What change in belief, mindset, habit, approach or actions will future us be glad that we took.

Maybe about how busy we are?

Our “metabolism”?

How much we actually eat?

How much time and effort it actually has to take to lose weight and / or get fitter and healthier?

What we’re doing with our lives?

How we de-stress?

And can we just make that change now rather than in a year or five?

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Much love,

Jon ‘BMF’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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