“I want doesn’t get” [“I don’t want to feel like this”]

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Who remembers saying this to a parent?

“I want XYZ”

And then receiving the reply “”I want” doesn’t get”?

Meaning that you have to ask nicely rather than saying you want something and expecting others to sort it out for you.

I take a slightly different tact with my kids.

I just look at them and don’t say anything in such situations.

After all, they’ve just made a statement – there’s no question for me to respond to.

It took time, but it worked – for all their other challenges and frustrations, all four have immaculate manners.

But, again, we’re guilty of doing the same.

Or even worse, just stating what we don’t want.

“I don’t want to feel like this”.

Or “People shouldn’t ABC”.

Or “I wish Name wouldn’t……”

Again, without asking.

Of others or of ourselves.

If we ask others nicely to help us with something we’re struggling with……..

We’re much more likely to get what we like than if we, essentially, complain about the current situation.

Whether that be asking another half, friend or colleague not to keep offering us certain foods or drinks…….

Rather than being annoyed when they do…….

But still eating or drinking it.

Or asking our coach (cough ** us ** cough) for some help rather than just going none responsive, telling ourselves “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it”, then not doing it and cancelling our DD in a few months.

We all know “I want doesn’t get”.

That asking for help is the best approach.

Sometimes we just need to remember our own advice.

Much love,

Jon ‘Really really wanna zig-a-zia-ah’ Hall

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