Hey guys,


Thanks to those of you that came to the charity netball match and BBQ yesterday.

We all had a great day and raised over £250 for a fantastic charity.

There’s a picture of us all at netball later in the email.

Anyone that would still like to donate can do so at www.justgiving.com/guaranteed-fitness.

Conspicuous by their absence were my two  sons, Oli and Jamie.

The boys had been at a village fete with their mum and had fallen asleep on the way to mine, so slept though the BBQ.

After a good night’s sleep they were both on good form today for Oli’s 5th birthday / meet the neighbours party.

That was until Jamie took a nasty tumble off one of the tables.

He’s a mad man is Jamie – only 2 and will climb and jump / fall off pretty much anything.

He’s constantly covered in bumps and bruises and is generally a tough little boy who has to be really hurt to cry.

But this was quite a big tumble.

He immediately started crying and wailing “I want my Daaaddddyyy”.

As I gave him a cuddle until he felt better, it got me thinking.

When do we lose that instinct to get someone to help us when things aren’t as we’d like them to be?

As we grow up we want to become more independent and do our own thing.

We want to learn how to do things ourselves.

And that’s great – we need to do that to become functioning adults.

I did the same – as a teenager and young adult, the idea of asking anyone for help wasn’t something I’d consider.

I’ve noticed over the last few years though that I’ve started to become more open to the idea of getting help and advice.

I’ve started ringing my Dad when I’m not quite sure about a “man job” of some sort.

You know, fixing things, the best way to get somewhere, etc.

And Matt and I have started working with some quality mentors over the last year.

We see one guy for business mentoring.

Another lady for media mentoring.

We’ve learnt more from them in hours then we’d figured out ourselves in years.

It makes me realise how much time, effort and money we’ve wasted by not getting help sooner.

We find most people who come to us wanting to transform their lives and bodies are the same.

They’ve tried to ‘do it themselves’ with gyms, classes, diets and so on for years.

And it hasn’t quite worked out for them.

When they get more results in the first 28 Days with us than they have in years, they often feedback that they’re frustrated they didn’t do it sooner.

The point of this email is to make it clear that there’s nothing wrong with seeking a bit of help with something you’re struggling with.

Like the ‘Can you afford it?’ article (link later if you’ve not read it yet) ,we’re not saying that you should necessarily come to us.

We just want you to do something!

We want you do what needs to be done to ‘feel more awesome’.

If you’ve not got rid of those wobbly bits that you hate by yourself, then seek an expert who can help you do it.

Again, it doesn’t have to be us – there are plenty of great options out there that will get you miles better results than ‘doing it yourself’.

If you want to apply to try us out with a ’28 Day Body Transformation’ you can do so here.

But just do SOMETHNG!

Please 🙂

If there’s other areas of your life that aren’t as you’d like them to be (relationships, work, etc) – there are experts out there who can help you make massive improvements.

If you use them you’ll be miles better off.

Don’t just keep trying to ‘do it yourself’ if this hasn’t worked for you before.


Much love,

Jon “Help Me” Hall



P.S. Check out us netballers here

P.P.S. The ‘Can you afford it?’ article is here

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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