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The other day I received a WhatsApp message outtanowhere.

It’s my work number which is on our Facebook page so will have being picked up by a bot or person searching for numbers attached to Facebook pages.

We want Sponsored_ads on your Facebook page, you will be paid $3500 per day, if you’re interested or for more details kindly reply us.
Note: we don’t need any kind of access over your page.
Kind Regards

Will a follow up the next day of “Are you interested”.

The thing is, I’m not.

Screams “con” to me.

If I can’t make 3.5k per day (or even a fraction of that) off my Facebook page then I struggle to see how they would make more than that to then be left with that amount to give me.

If they’d said £35 a day, I might have been tempted to look into it.

The promised benefit was just too big to feel believable.

As it often is from many fitness programmes.

Pictures of models in phenomenal shape might look nice……….

But very few look at them and think “that could be me”.

Especially seeing as it’s not really the model either – the photo is probably edited and well lit and the model such a low body fat it was only sustainable for long enough to get photos done.

When the gap feels ‘too big to close’………….

We often don’t start closing the gap at all.

The key to progress usually comes from setting gaps that are big enough to feel worthwhile……….

But small enough to feel doable in the near future.

Then to fill that gap.

Then fill another one.

And so on.

Losing 5 stone feel too much?

How about we lose 1 stone, five times?

Or lose a pound then another one?

Getting your body back to how it looked and felt years ago feel somewhere between “impossible” and “a massive effort”?

Let’s get your body back to how it looked and felt a month or three ago.

Then do that again.

Sleeping perfectly feel like it’s never going to happen?

Could we put some easy wins in to increase sleep by 10 or 20 minutes?

And so on?

If the ‘promise’ feels impossible…………

Try a smaller ‘promise’ for now!

Much love,

Jon ‘I presume people reply to this spam and am, kinda, interested to know what these people would get out of it if I did’ Hall

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