“I won’t bother earning a million quid”

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Do you know what the average wage is in the UK?

£30,420 according to Google.

Most of us will start full time work between 16 and 21.

And retire in our mid to late sixties.

So, approximately 50 years of earning.

Do you know how much that equates to?

About £1.5 million.

Minimum wage would currently equate to about half that.

But, if we’ve got a few more decades to go, it’d be more with inflation.

So, its not inconceivable that most full time workers will earn something in the region of a million pounds in their lifetime.

Imagine if you were chatting an 18 year about to start work.

And they said “I’m not going to bother as it’ll take too long to earn a million”.

What would you think?

They’re missing the point surely?

It’s the benefit you receive along the way, not just the final destination.

The money you get, and the things you can do with it, each month and year.

The fulfilment you can get for what you do to get that ‘result’.

And that we’ll never get to that million without starting with a number of pounds an hour and going from there.

——— I started working aged 12 for £1.75 an hour ——–


We do the equivalent with our weight and fitness don’t we?

Only lose a few pounds in a month……..

Realise it might take years to lose all the weight we’d like…….

And decide “it’s not worth it”.

Forgetting the continual benefits along the way.

The ever increasing energy, mood, confidence and more.

The fact that whatever we’re “earning” is better than not “earning” at all.

Or spiralling further and further into debt.

We get that it can be frustrating.

We’d like it all to be quicker.

And we’re all for high return on investment choices and getting the quickest results we can with a life we’re happy living.


It takes time.

But, just like we wouldn’t decide not to earn money because it’ll probably take a life time to earn a million……….

It doesn’t make sense to stop losing weight, getting fitter, improving energy and more just because it’ll take a while.

Much love,

Jon ‘Brewsters’ Hall

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