Hey guys,


Apologies that this email is both later than normal and not on the promised topic of ‘fat talk’.


I left my laptop charger in Buxton yesterday so wasn’t able to write it last night while Alex was out partying (or “working hard at a chemical industry get together” as she put it).


I’m writing this instead on my kindle, sat in my car, while waiting for Jamie to finish his nap and Oli to finish school.


Anyhoo, I’m going to cover something else now as I’ve written most of of the ‘Fat Talk’ article already.


Last night, while I had all three kids to myself, we made some stawberry ice cream from scratch at the request of Oli.


And today, whilst at the cinema, Jamie and I split a tub of popcorn.


You may surprised by this.


For two reasons.


Firstly that I did it.


And secondly, that I admitted it.


As far as admitting it goes – we’re sure you’ve noticed that we are big on honesty and transparency.


We don’t want to hide behind this unachieavable, off off-putting, ‘PT Persona’ that many of our contemporaries do, particularly on Facebook.


Even though they often don’t live quite like that behind closed doors.


We’re real people with normal lives – I’m off to watch Derby County vs. Birmingham on Saturday with school friends, followed by a night out in Birmingham.


Alcohol will be consumed, I won’t deny it.


As for the actual ‘actual doing it’?


There’s a few things to mention – things we’ve developed into our lives and try to support you guys into developing into yours:


1. Balance – If you’re eating healthily 95%+ of the time, there’s only so much damage it could cause.


You’d be a million miles better off changing breakfast and lunch from cereal, porridge, toast, juice, sandwich, etc to something more balanced than changing something that only happens every now and again.


2. Perspective – these sort of things are just something we do occasionally.


Never a treat.


Never the reward for something.


Never portrayed as being particularly special.


The cinema trip was the treat.


The popcorn just something we ate while we were there.


The ice cream was just something we did as an activity.


3. Chilling – if there is one thing worse than eating rubbish, it’s eating rubbish ‘on a bed of cortisol’ – stressing about it and putting yourself in more of a fat storage mode.


4. Manageable lifestyle – most people don’t find the idea of eating healthily 80-95% of the time to be too much.


I’m not sure I would fancy never having another drink or complexly cutting stuff from my life.


There’s a good chance I’d just ‘fall off the wagon’.



Remember guys – our approach is all about supporting you on a journey of change.


Helping you become someone who does what they need to do to be happy as part of their everyday life.


Not forcing themselves to do something they don’t like short term.


Much love,


Jon ‘Going to enjoy that ice cream tonight’ Hall and Matt ‘Enjoyed a naan bread at the weekend’ Nicholson


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