So, we had the orientation meeting last night for our free ’20lbs in 8 weeks challenge’.

To say it was busy would be an understatement.
‘Twas absolutely rammed.
We were chatting to a few of the last to leave afterwards.
One told me she’d been thinking of joining for a couple of years.
But had always put it off because of the money aspect.
And what else she could do with it.
You know – go out more, another a holiday, etc.
But she came to a realisation recently.
Whilst on holiday a few weeks ago.
That she didn’t actually enjoy her hols all that much.
Because she was feeling so self conscious.
Always having to hide her body, which emabarreses her.
And being surrounded by bikini clad teenagers who made her feel even worse.
She said she’d finally had enough.
And had decided to invest, for once, in herself.
Her health, appearance and ultimately, happiness.
“I’d rather be happy the other 51 weeks of the year” she said.
It’s a “Flip it” moment that people often make.
We mention it in the orientation meeting.
When people realise that they’ve spent too long prioritising other stuff over themselves.
Other people – friends, family, kids, etc
Other things to do – holidays, nights out, etc
Stuff to own – bigger house, better car, stuff for the house, Big TV, electronic device, etc
All these things have come ahead of investing (both time and money) in themselves.
In their own health and happiness.
And they’ve come to realise their priorities need rearranging.
They’ll never put themselves right at the top.
I don’t.
My kids come first.
But then my health and happiness comes a long way above stuff I can buy and do.
We never mind if someone doesn’t join us (or leaves us) because of money.
As long as they’re doing something.
As long as they are prioritising their own health and happiness somehow.
They’re eating healthily, doing some sport or other form of exercise of activity.
If they’re doing nothing, we feel it’s our duty to ‘call them’ on the excuses they’re making.
So – if you’re already putting yourself near the top of the list, well done 🙂
Keep up the good work!
If not, ask yourself now “Would you rather have the holiday or be happy the other 51 weeks of the year”.
Much love,
Jon ‘Didn’t have a TV for two years as I didn’t want to prioritise the time and money over my kids’ Hall and Matt ‘Holiday was Madonna’s first hit, don’t you know?’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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