If I could go back in time and give my 22 year old, new to the fitness industry self some advice, it would be to get expert help sooner.


Though trial and error, I managed to build a successful PT career.


But I made a lot of mistakes.


That could’ve been avoided.


I wasted countless hours on ways to get new clients that didn’t get me new clients.


I didn’t have good systems in place that maximised the results by clients got and, therefore, how long they stayed with me.


I didn’t have a good payment system in place – I took cash, pay per session for years.


Matt and I know work with a number of ‘mentors’ who advise and direct us on different aspects of the business.


They help us avoid mistakes and minimise wasted time, effort and money.


Even then there’s been a lot of all three as the business has grown and developed.


We probably wouldn’t have made it this far without them.


So, I’d tell my young self to get expert advice much sooner.


Who knows where my career might be if I had?




It’s much the same way that we act as mentors to the people that come to us.


They’ve often tried to “do it yourself” for years.


They’ve made mistakes and learnt from most of them.


And they’re getting there.


But they inevitably get there miles quicker when they work with us.


I often liken the “do it yourself” approach to trying to walk somewhere with no map, compass or directions.


You’ll probably get there in the end by correcting course as you go, but it’ll take a long time and be very frustrating on the way.


But it’s free.


Working with an expert is like getting a private helicopter there.


You’ll get there as quick as possible with little waste.


But you’ll have to invest a little.


It’s always worth it though.


We’ve spent thousands on mentors, course, further education and so on.


But it’s always been worth it.


As you know, I was in Newcastle the other weekend for a course with a couple of the top guys in our industry.


We’ve got a day in Manchester with another top dawg in two weeks.


Then we’re both on Dax’s BodyMap course in Devon the week after.


Always learning how to do a better and better job at transforming people’s lives.


I’ve learned a lot about motivation recently.


And how it rarely works well helping people make long term changes.


I’ll cover that tomorrow though 🙂



Much love,



Jon “Every days a school day” Hall


P.S. We’re still taking applications for the January ’28 Day Body Transformations’ at www.28daybodytransformation.co.uk/apply if you’re wanting to transform your body and life with expert help.


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