As I mentioned yesterday, our new 28 Dayers are just getting started this week.


I was chatting to a few of them on Facebook yesterday (feel free to hook up with me here) about what we recommend as a healthy diet.


As usual, there was some of the miss conception that it’s about cutting out carbs.


It’s cutting out crap and getting a better, more natural balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats.


As most people live on mega high sugar and starch diets.


We recommend a third of energy from natural carbs, a third from healthy fats and third from protein.


You know – like we successfully evolved on for millions of years.


A couple of them said they weren’t sure how to get he balance so exact – 33% from each.


The answer was – it doesn’t need to be.


Just take a general move in that direction.


Less processed shite, less sugars and starches, more natural carbs, more protein and more healthy fats.


But, if in doubt, err on the side of protein.


Despite all the nonsense scare mongering. I’ve yet to meet and other wise healthy person whose health has been damaged by too much protein in their diet.


But I’ve met THOUSANDS whose health has suffered from all the sugar and processed starches they’ve consumed at the government’s recommendation and thanks to food marketing tricks.


Check this video out where we break into ‘Freddie Food-Marketer’s’ Top Secret Head Quarters.


I will eat my own trainers (I don’t wear hats) if someone reports back that they got better health and physique results by erring on the side of loads of sugar and starches.


Much love

Jon “Errs on the side of awesome” Hall


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