It was our monthly find-out-more meeting last night (details out for the next one BTW –>


Today I’m setting up new people ready to start next Monday.


Just before January and September each year, I send an email our to ex-members.


We have regular contact with many, but this one goes to everyone.


Just catching up, seeing where there at and if they’re wanting to ‘get back into it’.


Out of the replies, nearly all are positive.


Either “Yeah, I’m ready to get back to it”.


Or “Nice to hear from you but it’s not a good time, I’ve moved away, etc”


We did get one slightly funny one this time.


From someone who’d come in a couple of years ago and left having done next to nothing.


Seemingly disgruntled that our approach still actually required some effort on her part.


I mentioned in our email some of the developments that had happened in recent months and years, since they might have last been with us.


But that, even with these improvements, we feel we always must have “been doing something right as the programme has sold out each month since January 2014”.


The reply said “If it sells out, why are you sending this?”


The answer, of course, is obvious.


It sells out, in part, because we do things like this


It’s the same as when people say things like “You don’t need to eat a salad. You’re already slim”.


Or “You don’t need to workout, you look fine”


And so on.


Marketing your own business is a lifelong thing.


Our peers who think differently are the ones who struggle to pay their bills and feed their kids.


Do some for a while, get numbers up, stop, business slips back over time.


A healthy body you like the look and feel of is a lifelong thing.


If you do something for a while, get in better shape and then stop………


That body and health will slip back over time.


That’s why we talk about the value of the ‘sub-optimal’ that you can do forever.


Taking the ‘best’ approach is great on paper.


But if you don’t like doing it and are likely to stop at some point, it’s not the best approach for you.


Find that still effective, but maintainable balance of exercise, food, lifestyle, etc……….


That you can do for the rest of your life 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Find it fascinating how few FitPros follow their own advice’ Hall and Matt ‘Take on a coach, learn new skills, go out of your comfort zone…….. And then don’t themselves’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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