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Every now and again we get some smart arse either reply to an email or a facebook post.


It’ll usually be when we’ve been talking about the effect of hormonal balance on weight gain and loss.


They’ll say something like “Don’t you know that if you eat less calories than you consume than you’ll lose weight?”


Like I could’ve worked in the fitness industry for 12 years without finding this out.


Not to mention the old A-Level Physics.


We even had another local gym (who I hadn’t realised had been enjoying reading these blogs) send their own blog out the other day.


With exactly the same formatting as these.


Talking about ‘bullshit systems’.


And that “there is no evidence that suggest we can change and alter our hormones acutely enough to the extent that it will cause weight loss.”




And reminding everyone that the need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.


You know, burning more calories than you’re consuming.


It’s obviously the case.


In the same way that if you flapped your arms fast enough you would take off.


That’s true.


Basic science.


But it’s not what happens in real life.


Those of you that have tried to lose weight by starving yourself will have probably found that (after some initial weight loss) all that happens is that you get tired, low in energy and crabby.


And ‘fall off the wagon’.


It’s true that if you were to continue it, the weight would continue to come off (whether it be muscle, fat, water, etc).


But the fact that, as an approach, this doesn’t work long term for most suggests it’s not the best way of going about it.


If it’s not doable for the rest of your life, its fairly pointless doing it at all.


That’s why we take the approach we do.


Working on changing habits and mindsets.


General healthy eating with a good balance.


And not beating yourself up over the ‘off days’.


To our mind the whole ‘energy balance’ model puts ‘calories in vs’ calories out’ at the wrong end of the equation.


People don’t usually lose weight (long term) because they’re eating less and moving more.


They put themselves in a ‘fat releasing mode’ and are able to eat less and move more due to the energy becoming available to them.


So, if you’ve been struggling with losing weight by staving yourself, you’re not the only one.


Let us know what you’ve been doing and we’ll see if we can be of any help.




Much love,


Jon ‘My Dad is the only farmer I know with a degree in Physics’ Hall and Matt ‘500 calories of chicken isn’t the same as 500 calories of Mars Bars’ Nicholson


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