The other week, I was helping out at my middle son’s Cluster Hockey event.

——– As an aside, I’m nearing the end of a decade of being a Parent and 8 years as a Parent Helper at that school. That son is already expressing concern that I’ll be the only Dad crying at the Leaver’s Service in a couple of months ———-

It was the week where we had loads of snow out of nowhere.

It absolutely dropped down as Jamie’s team were doing the ‘Quad Kids’ activities put on for when you’re not playing hockey games.

I’ve got a photo of him eating snow out of the air as he’s sprinting 😉

On the standing long jump, one of the organizers was explaining how to do it to the kids.

“Double footed jump from standing. We measure to the back mark you make. So, if you’re going to fall, fall forwards”

Great advice I thought.

A way to live life.

Because we can’t avoid falling.

Or, more accurately, we can’t avoid hitting the ground.

We can stop jumping, sure.

Stop trying.

Stop pushing ourselves.

But we end up just sat on the ground in the end.

Not getting anywhere.

Or we can jump.

Challenge ourselves.

Come out of our comfort zone.

Accept that we’ll fall along the way.

But realise that that’s ok.

And that, if we’re going to fall, we may as well fall forwards.

Because, we’ll end up better off than if we fall backwards.

And definitely better off than if we don’t jump at all (click here if you’ve not been jumping and are now ready to –> .

Much love,

Jon ‘Playing that video montage to the song ‘One More Step Along The World I Go’ will get me’ Hall


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