I’ve started watching the Arnie documentary on NetFlix with my eldest son.

It’s pretty cool.

Not much I didn’t know but it’s really well done and my son is really enjoying it as he’s really into his working out nowadays.

There was a few things I didn’t know.

Some super interesting (to me, at least).

One was the Arnie’s most famous line wasn’t what was originally scripted.

The “I’ll be back” in Terminator was originally “I’ll come back”.

And, even when changed, Arnie pushed for “I will be back” as he felt it was more fitting with how a robot would speak.

Neither version has anywhere near the same power as “I’ll be back”.

I doubt people would still be quoting “I will be back” or “I’ll come back” forty years later.

A subtle but powerful difference.

As can be some of the changes we can make in our lives.

Massive wholesale differences often look attractive.

And would probably lead to fast progress, if maintained.

But they’re often not maintained.

Small but powerful tweaks can be.

– A drier, spiced curry rather than a creamy one

– Boiled rice instead of fried

– One side accompaniment instead of two

– Six spirits and mixers rather than six pints

– Sweetener instead of sugar

– Lower calorie food and drink choices that you’re equally happy with

And so on……….

Seemingly innocous tweaks.

Much more powerful results!

Much love,

Jon ‘I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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