My kids current favourite film is Forrest Gump.


I’m sure they’d watch it every day if I let them.


Tis an awesome film though!


They had it on the other day and one line jumped out at me.


It’s at the bit where Forrest does his 3 1/2 year run.


The first guy to join him in running catches up with him and says;


“I mean, it was like an alarm went off in my head, you know. I said “Here’s a guy that got his act together. Here’s somebody who’s got it all figured out. Here’s somebody who has the answer. I’ll follow you anywhere Mr. Gump.”


Forrest, of course, didn’t have a great deal figured out.


He didn’t have the answer.


He just thought that running was some sort of answer.


Forward progress of some description.


We feel like that a lot of the time.


People assume that we have it all figured out.


That we are “all over it” with our lives.


When that’s rarely the case.


All we have got figured out is that we need to keep going.


One step after another.


In both our personal lives and the business.


And that, more then anything else, is what we do for our ninjas.


Keep them going.


When most other stop after the initial excitement wears off.


Progress may slow.


We may even take a step or twenty backwards.


But, overall, we keep them going.


Because, overall, if you keep taking more forward steps than backwards steps………


You will get there.


“All over it” or not.



Much love,


Jon ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ Hall and Matt ‘Box of chocolates’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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