Applications for the May risk free trial of our Group Transformation Programme open tomorrow – Friday 25th






I mentioned earlier in the week about a couple of the conversations I had with some of our ninjas at the social the other weekend.


Funnily enough I’ve had pretty much the same interesting conversation with several members over the last few weeks.


Several people have told me that when they first came down, they were partially dragged by their other half or a friend.


And they came in with the intention of “I’ll give it a month.”


Rick told me his wife Ceri “twisted his arm”.


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After her ‘bezzie mate’ Sally had talked her into it the month before.


After her sister-in-law Claire had dragged her down the month before that.


From the HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE physical transformation in Ceri and Rick, I’m sure they’re both now glad they gave it a go.


You’ve probably seen Ceri, particularly on some of our marketing – check her out here in a facebook post that got 245 likes.


Matt also told me the same of his wife Jude – “She wouldn’t shut up till I tried it Jon”.


Fliss and Liam tried it together on the recommendation of their friends.


“I thought, there’s no point doing this Jon, we couldn’t afford to continue. After the first few weeks we thought “We’ve got to find the money from somewhere” and now it’s the last thing we’d think of cutting”.


That’s why we do the risk free trial.


We know that what we do here is awesome.


And that, when they try it, people absolutely love it.


And the amazing changes they see in themselves.


Both physical and in their confidence, energy, sleep and so on.


We don’t feel the need to ‘sign people up’ and ‘tie them into contracts’.


If someone can’t continue working with us, that’s cool, we don’t want them paying for something they can’t use or afford.


And we appreciate people are often nervous about trying something new.


A risk free trial is the perfect way to try something out without commitment.


Don’t think it’s shamazaeballs and you’ve not lost anything.


Do love it and you’ve just taken the first step in the rest of your life.


So, if you, or a friend, would like to give it a go and see how you can transform your life and body, then we’re opening applications for the May risk free trial today.


You, or your friend, can apply at


But, remember, spaces (particularly at Macc where it’s one out – one in) are limited and go fast.


Don’t spend all week ‘thinking about it’.


What is there to think about really?


If you want to change your life and body, then click this link –


If you don’t, that’s cool – hope you enjoy the rest of the emails we send out.


And, if you’re already a member, you can send your friend to for priority access for them and a free month for you as our thank you 🙂


Much love,






Jon ‘VIP’ Hall and Matt ‘POV’ Nicholson

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