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If I didn’t already know, I reckon I could pretty accurately work out the time of year from the reasons people give me for not exercising, eating better, etc.

There is definitely a “seasonal pattern”.

I’m never one for using the word “excuses”.

These justifications are usually valid situations or concerns.

Dismissing them just annoys people.

Shows a lack of empathy.

I get it.

But, I also get that it’s my job to help people question their thoughts and beliefs.

Because it’s nearly always those things that have stopped them getting the results they want, so far.

Only by asking better questions will we get answers that serve us better.

We may end up with the same answers as before.

And that’s cool.

But I’m still going to ask.

I can tell it’s June now.

As people have started telling me “I’ll leave it till September”.

“I’ve got a long weekend away in few weeks, it’s a really busy time at work, then the kids are off and we’re away for two weeks in the summer”.

Which, on the face of it, makes sense.

Except, from my experience, come September, there’ll be something else “in the way”.

Because there’s always something.

As I covered yesterday, we’ll never be able to “give it 100%”.

No one ever does, despite what people may claim in shared memes.

Between now and the kids going back to school on 5th September there is 83 days.

That’s a far amount of time to defer something that’s important to us because we’ll be out of the country for 17% of that.

When 83% at any time of the year doesn’t happen.

Again, I get it.

We want to “get our money’s worth”.

But, as I covered recently, that will never, ever happen if we set “money’s worth” at 100%.

We can just choose to make some degree of progress during the relatively ‘normal’ days.

Damage limitation / somewhat better choices during the holidays and other “less standard” days.

It’s super common that members report to me that “I’ve gained 2lbs on holiday, but I normally gain 7, so I’m more than happy with that. And I had an equally good time and feel so much better now”.

Ultimately, we all have two choices over the next three months;

1. Knowingly sub-optimal progress and get to September feeling better than we do now

2. “Leave it till September” and get there further behind where we’d like to be, even more work to do, feeling worse and regretting it

I know which I’d prefer 🙂

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Much love,

Jon ‘Green Day’ Hall


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