Sadly I’m neither 23 or 24.


I’m half way between those two numbers when they’re reversed if you’re interested.


Funnily enough, two of our coaches are 24.


Andy and Irvin.


Bless them.


Irvin’s mum, who’s a ninja, is closer in age to me, which is bit weird.


Tis, of course, a line from Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio.


And LV.


Can’t forget LV.


I’m writing this blog yesterday (Monday) and have just mentioned this to Andy.


He doesn’t remember this song.




Another line from that 1995 classic is;


“If they can’t understand it, how can they reach me?”


Which is a great point.


It’s where the vast majority of our industry falls down.


You only have to read the profile boards in most gyms to realise that most people in our industry have “loved sport since a young age” and always been really good at it.


Quite a lot are young and still live with their mum.


Neither of which are necessarily a bad thing.


## Being 24 hasn’t led to Andy and Irvin being like I’m about to describe ##


But it has lead to a large percentage of our peers having little to no understanding of their clients lives and challenges.


We’ve heard countless stories of members being practically (or actually) reduced to tears by how they were made to feel “useless” by a well meaning FitPro when they hadn’t managed to completely and permanently change their entire lifestyle in week one.


Many being told some variation of “You obviously don’t want it badly enough.”


When a FitPro doesn’t understand their clients, they’re going to struggle to ‘reach’ them.


We get that life is hard somewhere between “some of the time” and “all of the time” for most people.


We get that change can be incredibly hard at times.


We get that sometimes the things you know you ought to do are pretty much the last things you feel like doing.


We get that sometimes your head feels like its about to pop with everything that’s running through it and that adding more that day seems completely impossible.


We get that because we’ve worked with thousands of people who’ve felt that way (15 years yesterday since I started in the Fitness Industry).


And we get that because we have felt or still do feel these things.


What we also get though is that there are things that can be done to help.


That habits, mindsets, beliefs, etc can be worked upon and developed to ones that serve you better.


We get that it gets easier with time.


We get that there are things you can do to make it all easier.


And that, by definition, that means there are things you’re currently doing that are making it harder than it needs to be (check if you’re not sure where).


And, above all, we get that it’s all worth it.


Again, because we’ve worked with so many that have found all of the above to be true.


And so have we.
Much love,


Jon ‘Certified G’ Hall and Matt ‘Goodfella’ Nicholson




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