The final thing that I mentioned in Sunday’s blog that often hold’s people back is that mindset of “All or nothing”.

That “dichotomous thinking”, “black or white”, “on it or fallen off the wagon” type approach that I’m sure we’ve all experienced.

And I get it.

I know how easy it can be to think “I’ll leave it till next Monday / week / month”.

To decide we’ll get start again “after the holidays / the kids are back in school / work has calmed down / things are a bit less busy”.

Each time we do this it can further ‘confirm’ our opinion that “I’m all or nothing”, can’t it?

But if “all or nothing” was just something we “are”…………

Then we’d be “it” all the time wouldn’t we?

We’d stay in work for 18 hours a day then not go in for weeks on end.

We’d be really nice to our loved ones or completely ignore them.

We’d keep putting off watching our favourite TV programme even though we could make time to watch it.

And so on.

“All or nothing” isn’t an actual thing.

It’s just a label we apply to somewhat justify and explain our choices.

At most, it’s something we’re choosing to identify as.

All that ever exists is the present moment.

The choices that we’re making right now.

Past decisions have to have no more bearing on current decisions than we choose to give them.

Remembering that “all or nothing” doesn’t exist and this is just a choice, and comparing the options to what we value and what’s important to us………..

Is a powerful way to help us make more of the decisions that will benefit us.

Much love,

Jon Hall ‘or Hnothing’

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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