At 12pm today I’ll be getting married.


Probably about 12.20 to be honest as she’ll probably be late.


If she even turns up, that is 😉


Why am I emailing you rather than stressing about getting the boys into their suits?


Don’t worry, I am doing that ….


This email was written on Tuesday.


And scheduled for today.


I actually wrote it before yesterday’s as I’m still not sure what that’s going to be about.


See, we use an email marketing system called Aweber.


It’s also helps with deliverabilty as we have thousands on this mailing list and your junkmail would catch it if we just sent it to everyone from our email server.


And we can see stats about open rates, clicks, etc.


And we can even personalise them so we can talk directly to you.


Clever heh!


Using systems can help simplify life.


And save time.


The most precious asset of all.


You see I write most of these blogs while waiting for my sons when they are in Gymnastics, Rugby Tots and GymBobs.


And then try and finish, upload and schedule them one one or two sittings a week.


Rather than booting up the laptop and starting from scratch five times a week.


Gives me more time to do other stuff you see.


It’s the same with healthy eating.


People often allow it to take far more time than it needs to.


And often don’t end up doing it because of this.


You can use technology to make it easier.


Online shopping is easier, quicker and minimises the chance of something ‘jumping into the trolley’.


Batch cooking several meals in one go takes less time than going and fetching each meal individually from a canteen / vending machine / sandwich shop.


It’s only when we wait till the last possible moment that eating rubbish is the easiest option.



Plan ahead, like I have with this bad boy and you’re laughing.


Analyse your life.


Look at how you can use systems and technology to make the things your need to do as quick and easy as possible.


Don’t just try harder – work smarter!


Much love,


Jon ‘Before you ask, there’s no cake’ Hall and Matt ‘Hang on, no one told me about that’ Nicholson


P.S. I’ll be off Facey for the day by now, but I’m planning on one last photo of me and the boys in our suits before we sign our lives away (and I’m sure I’ll be getting tagged all day) if you want a nosey?

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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