You seen the episode of Fawlty Towers called ‘The Hotel Inspectors’?


At the end the character Mr Hutchinson, has finally had enough of Basil’s ridiculous behaviour and his attempt to silence him in the Dining Room (with The Cheese).


And accosts him behind reception.


Punching him in the face and stomach and kneeing him between the legs (see video here).


“I’m not a violent man Mr Fawlty” he begins.


“Yes you are” whimpers Basil from under the desk.


Which is fair enough really.


Judge a man by his actions and all that.


Because, over time, whatever we may think about ourselves, we become what we regularly do.

Like we talked about ‘identity’ yesterday.


Regularly punch people and you become a violent person.


Our decisions aren’t really stand alone.


They all affect how likely we are to make that same decision again.


Each time we miss a workout when we could have made it, we become more likely to be a person who misses workouts or, even, doesn’t exercise.


Make a less good food choice when we could have made a better one and we become more likely to become someone who doesn’t make good food choices and who doesn’t get the body, health, etc that they’d like.


As always, we’re not saying you can never miss a workout or never eat certain foods again.


But it’s always worth remembering that each choice isn’t just that choice.


They all affect the future choices we make and the people we become.


And, if that person isn’t the person we want to be……..


The change comes from those little decisions.



Much love,


Jon ‘The Rat’ Hall and Matt ‘And The Corpse’ Nicholson




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