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Take two smokers.

I mean imagine them, not kidnap them.

Put them back if that’s what you’ve just done……….

Both are intending to stop smoking.

Smoker A tells people (and himself) “I’m trying to quit smoking”.

Smoker B says “I don’t smoke anymore”.

Or maybe even “I don’t smoke”.

Or “I’m a non smoker”.

Which is more likely to carry on not smoking?

I presume we all said B?

The words we use are powerful.

They shape our thoughts.

Which, in turn, shape our actions, behaviours and results.

Changing those words can have a disproportionate knock on effect.

It can make things much easier.

Or much harder.

The words we change need to feel real still, of course.

There’s no point trying to parrot stuff we just don’t believe.

It has to, at least, show signs of becoming true.

Could we change “I can’t do this” or “I’m rubbish at this” to “I’ll get better at this with practice”?

“I’m on a diet” or “I’m trying to lose weight” to “I’m taking better care of myself”?

“I should exercise more” to “I’m going exercise regularly as it makes me feel good”?

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“I have a bad metabolism” to “If I eat deficit calories I’ll lose weight”.

All subtle changes.

All true enough, I’d assume?

So, next time you catch yourself saying one of the former………..

Why not try on for size one of the latter phrases?

Much love,

Jon ‘Banana’ Hall

P.S. Tricky middle name that. Anyone?


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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