We all do things we don’t fancy doing from time to time.


Often in exchange for money.


We don’t necessarily feel like all the work we do, do we?


But we do it.


Because of the way we perceive it.


It’s a fair swap in exchange for the benefit – the cash at the end of the month.


Imagine other things you don’t fancy doing the same way.


We know you don’t always fancy eating healthy meals and exercising.


We know this because we don’t always fancy it.


But, imagine you were getting paid for it.


You’d find it easier, no?


Well, imagine it no more.


You are getting paid.


You will be paid in increased energy.


You will be paid in ‘feeling better’.


You will be paid in less aches and pains.


You will be paid in a better sex life.


You will be paid in (on average) a longer, healthier life.


Worth it, isn’t it?



Much love,


Jon ‘Jobbie’ Hall and Matt ‘Jobber’ Nicholson


P.S. The September programmes filled up at the Briefing Meeting last night. But details for the meeting at the end of September for the October challenges are up at myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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