I’ve mentioned before that the Lego Movie is an awesome film.

Worth watching, even if you don’t have kids.
In an early scene, Emmet, the main character, is reading the instructions on ‘How to fit in, have everyone like you and always be happy’.
Before anyone points out, I’m aware it’s an ironic look at conformity and so on.
But there are some good points in there.
All pretty obvious, but often overlooked.
Things that can help with your happiness, health and so on.
1. Breath
Appreciate no one stops breathing.
But very few of us do it properly.
A few big, deep, diaphragmatic breathes a few times a day has been shown to lower stress levels, cortisol production and central fat development.
Try it.
3. Exercise
No explanation necessary, I’m sure.
9. Eat a complete breakfast.
Means not skipping it, of course.
And getting plenty of healthy fats and protein in there.
Not just a bowl of sugar.
18. Don’t forget to smile.
Positive mindset is a huge first step to getting what you want.
And a smile can me an integral part of that.
The way you think is a flexible thing – current mindset not getting you the body / health / income you want, then it can be changed.
Easier said than done, of course.
But still doable.
Just a few quick ideas there.
If you’re already doing them, keep it up.
If not, what’s stopping you trying them?
We’ll tell you what’s stopping you in tomorrow’s email 🙂
Much love,
Jon ‘Duplo’ Hall and Matt ‘Master Builder’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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