Every week there seems to be a new study that says red meat is bad for you.


Even though we successfully evolved on it for millions of years with very little of the problems is supposed to cause.


Inuits (used to be known as Eskimos) get a very high percentage of their nutrition from it, yet have no word for heart disease.


These studies inevitably miss the following points:


  • They’re lumping crap processed red meat (burgers, sausages, etc) in with good quality red meal (a nice steak, a pork chop, etc)
  • The research normally shows that, up to a point, more red meat is good for you and it’s only the highest intake levels that seem to be bad
  • Generally those that eat the most red meat (and are therefore ignoring the governments advice) are, on average, more likely to be the sort of person who also drinks more, smokes, has unprotected sex and crosses the road without looking – it’s very hard to pin increased mortality on just the red meat


I eat tonnes of red meat and eggs and have done so for years and it doesn’t seem to have affected by blood pressure or cholesterol.


Weird dat!


But it’s good quality meat.


Nice stuff from a butcher mainly.


Not cheap, processed rubbish from the supermarket.


So if you like bacon and egg, I say go nuts.


Just make sure its good stuff (essentially just some thinly sliced pork).


And, as with all meals, variety is good.


I wouldn’t have bacon and eggs every day.


Mixing up different meats, nuts, veg, fruit, etc will be most beneficial.


And you can check out a video response I did last week about the effect of eggs on cholesterol by clicking here.


I’ve had a few emails recently about how much (volume wise) people should eat.


And some questioning our move away from the ‘calories in vs. calories out’ model of weight loss.


After all “A calorie is a calorie is a calorie”.


And “You do know you can’t create and destroy energy, don’t you”.


And my favourite – “Have you not heard of Newton’s law of energy conservation?”


I’ll cover ‘the calorie’ tomorrow 🙂


Much love,


Jon “30+ eggs a week” Hall


P.S. There is an actual, non joke,  answer to which came first – the chicken or the egg. Any guesses what it is?


P.P.S. Matt and I have been wowing people with some of the funky ninja tricks we learned this weekend. Reducing back pain and increasing range of motion in seconds without touching people? You betcha!!!!

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