I saw a post on Facebook the other day from someone I know.

Talking about how, in his youth, he used to listen to old men whinge and complain about life and the world.

And that how he now understands that, having experienced more life and finding that there is a lot in the world to feel that way about.

And I’d wager that many people who could be can described as grumpy and old feel the same.

Feeling that they’re not actually “grumpy” but they’ve just had more and more of the behaviour of other people frustrating them over the years.

And I get that.

I start to feel that way at times.

But it’s powerful to realise that we don’t have to go that way.

That years and decades of unmet expectations are, ultimately, our choice.

That us creating expectations of behaviour in others that we haven’t even verbalized to them, let alone got their agreement on, is asking for frustration.

That thinking that other people should behave in a certain way, because that’s how we feel about it, is actually quite controlling.

Especially when we don’t always behave that way ourselves.

“You should behave in this way because I think it’s right even though I don’t always do that”

“Shoulda, woulda, coulda” being “the last words of a fool”.

There’s a phrase that I love: “Expectations are premeditated resentments”

Agreements are one thing.

Expectations are just plans for future resentment (and grumpiness).

And in tomorrow’s blog I will cover things that we can do that will massively change how we view the world and our lives.

Things that I can guarantee grumpy people haven’t been doing.

Much love,

Jon ‘Walter Matthau’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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