Have you ever thought that you procrastinate?

"delay or postpone action; put off doing something"

I'm sure we all have.

But, is it worth considering, that that's, perhaps, not the best way to see it.

Despite how we might describe it, we're never doing nothing.

When we think we're procrastinating.........

We're just doing something else..........

That, at that point........

We value more.

Watching TV is doing something.

Scrolling on our phone is doing something.

Eating and drinking is doing something.

At the point of the decision being made, we perceive more benefit, more positives and more advantages in the decision that's been made.........

Than in the decision that we feel we "should do".

That benefit might be relaxation

That benefit might be convenience

That benefit might be making us feel better.

That benefit might be in how others respond to us.

That benefit can be all sorts of different things.

But there is a benefit.

I can guarantee we wouldn't be doing it if there wasn't.

If we perceive more benefits in the other decision, we'd be doing that thing instead.

Telling ourselves otherwise, is just robbing us of power to change it.

And to change it, we would benefit from doing some combination of;

- Raising the perceived value of the thing we're putting off doing and

- Lowering the perceived value of the thing we're doing instead.

If we were to write down (literally, on pen and paper - writing down in our head isn't a thing) all of the negatives, disadvantages, drawbacks and downsides to both US........

And everyone else that's affected by that decision..........

And at the same time write down all the positives, upsides, benefits and advantages to us (and those others) of the thing we're putting off.........

And, perhaps, look to add extra benefit and value to that thing........

------- Do it with friends, tied into something else that we value, etc -------

Then we stand a better chance of making that other decision than if we just tell ourselves we "should do".

Much love,

Jon 'Amateurcrastinator' Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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