One of the principle concerns women have when they start working out with weights is that they’ll become ‘bulky’.


Or ‘manly’.


Or ‘butch’.


Or various other similar terms.


They’ve seen female body builders with large, muscular physiques.


The good news is it won’t happen.


You only have to look at the mountains of guys who want to do that and are no where near to realise just how hard it is.


It’s hard for a guy.


It’s impossible for a woman unless you’re injecting yourself with human growth hormones and anabolic steroids.


And doing very particular types of training and nutrition.


Not the type we do at RISE.


This last Monday at our Coaching Day we were going through what are appropriate weights to use for various exercises.


And everyone surprised themselves with the weights they were capable of doing.


Guys and gals!


A prime example of that would be Rachel.


Rachel started with us in January.


Very successful in her business life.


But it wasn’t quite happening how she’d like with her body / physique / health / fitness.


Doing diets, slimming clubs, etc since she was 14.


With limited success.


Kind of resigned to “being fat”.


Over the next few months Rachel literally transformed before our eyes.


One of our best success stories, she is.


Check her before and after:


Is Rachel bulky? 


She’s changed both physically and mentally.


And she is seriously strong now.


On Monday she was chest pressing 20kg.


A side.


That’s 40kg up and down.


She was deadlifting 64kg.


And assorted other impressive numbers.


Two weeks ago she was in our ‘Born Survivor’ Team.


Something she wouldn’t if dreamed of doing a year ago.


And she smashed it!


Does she look ‘bulky’?


Or ‘manly’ or ‘butch’?


She’s considerably smaller than at the start of the year.


The least ‘bulky’ she’s been in over 25 years.


And the strongest, healthiest, fittest and happiest she’s ever been.


And she’s enjoyed the process.


Lifting heavy does not make women bulky.


It’s an old wive’s tale.


Lifting healthy makes women (and men) awesome.


Remember that!




Much love,


Jon ‘Cakes make women bulky’ Hall and Matt ‘Men too’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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