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If your car is like mine (four wheels, windows and stuff) it probably has a display which, amongst other things, shows the current and average fuel consumption.

Normally in ye olde miles-per-gallon.

For the average one, you can probably reset it for a specific trip.

I’ve reset ours a few times over the years.

Couple of times to see how low I can get it.

I can do the two miles down that big hill on the A6 between Buxton and Bakewell at 999.9 mpg ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you know what I always notice when I look back at it after a while though?

It’s levelled out, over time, at 45.5 mpg.

Sometimes 45.4.

Sometimes 45.6.

But never, ever anything outside of that.

Interesting, no?

The average of my driving is always the same.

I’m sure if you drove that car it would a little different.

And if I drove another car, different again.

That’s just the average of the way I drive that specific car over time

In the same way most people’s weight settles at a set level over time.

Not because of some magical ‘set point’ someone might have told you about.

A weight that the body fights to return to over time for reasons that are never really explained.

It’s because it’s the average of our behaviours and choices over that time.

Not because that’s just the way our body is.

If someone else drove your car, they’d get a different mpg…………..

And if they lived in your body, it’d end up a different weight.

Which, perhaps, is the answer?

Changing habits can be difficult.

We get that.

It can take time.

But it can be done.

When I had one of those trackers in the car for my new insurance, my mpg was different.

Because I felt a need to change it.

A benefit from that different behaviour.

So, if we treat our body as if someone else is ‘driving’ it………..

Maybe think “what would future me who’s got in the shape I want to be in have done here?”……….

And remember all those benefits to ‘better driving’ (you know – the health, fitness, energy levels, mood, longevity and so on)…………

And just keep ‘doing’ those better behaviours (this is a cracking way to get started with those changes –>ย…………

That habitual ‘average mpg’ WILL change over time.

Much love,

Jon ‘Colt’ Hall and Matt ‘Trump’ Nicholson

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