Bit of a follow on from yesterday’s this one.


T’other day my Step-Daughter was watching the news.


They were showing some local building that was being demolished.


She was fascinated by it.


We rewound and watched it a couple of times.


It was one of the old “explosions at the bottom”.


## So to speak 😉 ##


Causing the building to collapse in on itself.


Pretty much destroyed in seconds.


A tiny fraction of the time it took to build it in the first place.


In the same way a lot of good work can be undone in a fraction of the time.


Years of building a reputation can be destroyed with one misjudged comment.


A lifetime of savings can be gone with one bad investment.


And days, weeks or months of healthy eating can be undone in a fraction of the time.


Whilst we know food is more than just the calories in it……….


If you just worked it out on calories alone………


There’s approximate 3,500 in a pound of fat.


You can undereat by, say 500 calories a day………


To lose a pound of fat per week.


You can then have a tube of Pringles (900 cals) and a bottle of wine (650 cals) on a Friday and Saturday night to completely undo that.


Or similar maths with many other ‘splurges’.


Ten pints of beer is a full day’s energy requirement.


If you’ve had your normal meals that day and then a massive kebab on the way home, you could easily have three days of calories.


You can’t then not eat for two days to make up for it.


Your body (and mind) won’t allow that.


In general, you can overeat far more quickly then you can under eat.


As always, we’d never tell you to cut certain things out.


But it’s always worth asking the question if those massive splurges are really worth it, when you do the maths.


Could you have pretty much as good a time and only undo a day or so of that week’s progress?


So there’s still a few days’ worth of forward progression left.


So you still get where you want to get to, over time?



Much love,


Jon ‘Watched a Jake Gyllenhaal film called Demolition recently – worth checking out’ Hall and Matt ‘Demolition Man’ Nicholson




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