It cost 1% [A replacement wasn’t needed]

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I mentioned our cars in the blogs about washing them last week.

One of them forever needs fixing too.

Spent half it’s life in the Citroen garage (a slight exaggeration).

Every time we consider getting rid of it.

But it feels like it’s practically a new car now and should last a while.

A la ‘Trigger’s Broom’ 😂

The other week there was a leak on the Catalytic Convertor.

They wanted to replace it.

At a cost of £1,038.

On the video they’d sent, the mechanic mentioned it “might be possible to weld it”.

So I took it to a guy in Bollington.

Who did it for a tenner.

Ten quid.

1% of the cost.

I almost couldn’t believe it.

I knew it would be much cheaper than the full replacement.

But not that much cheaper.

The full replacement was, of course, not needed.

It didn’t need a new Catalytic Convertor.

It needed a Catalytic Convertor without a hole in it.

That was the important bit.

New with a hole in would’ve been no better.

Old with no hole is fine.

It’s easy to get caught up in what we think needs to be done.

And miss the, often relatively easy, important ‘box that needs to be ticked’.

To get caught up in finer points.

And miss the basics.

A quick Google says 64.2% of the UK population is “overweight or obese”.

In the vast majority of those cases, the most beneficial thing they could do for their health is to drop some or all of that extra weight.

Sure, there’s more to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

But if someone is eating in a way that causes them to lose that weight over time (and, importantly, don’t then regain it)……..

I can’t imagine their health would be getting worse (on average).

The most beneficial thin they could do is to lose that weight.

And the most important thing they can do for that is be in a calorie deficit.

We could make wholesale changes to the way we eat and exercise.

And that would work.

Like replacing the whole Catalytic Convertor.

Or we could just create an average calorie deficit in whatever way we find doable.

Like welding the joint.

Not perfect.

But probably a fraction of the “cost” (time, effort, enjoyment, opportunity and, potentially, cash).

Either is fine.

As long as the important bit, the equivalent of “removing the hole”, is happening 🙂

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Much love,

Jon ‘Welded a ‘Cattle Crush’ for part of my Design Technology A-Level’ Hall

P.S. Don’t worry, a ‘Cattle Crush’ holds cattle in place for injections, having their hooves trimmed, etc – it doesn’t crush them.

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