Those of you that are Facebook friends with me will have seen that I was in New York with the family last week.

We had an absolutely awesome time.

And, you’ll be unsurprised to hear, it’s given me lots of ideas for blogs.

The first is related to the cost of the holiday.

Whilst messaging friends, chatting to some parents at the school gates this morning and speaking to members in the club yesterday, several people have expressed something like “I bet that cost a fair whack”.

And, obviously it did all add up.

It’s a special holiday that we’ve spent a long time saving for.

But, when I’ve asked people to guess how much it cost, people have generally estimated about 50% more to twice what we paid.

We used air miles to cover the flights, except the taxes.

We bought the New York City Pass which meant we probably paid about a third of what we would have done if we’d pay for each attraction individually.

We spent ages researching the best combination of accommodation to keep the cost down.

And we were tactical with where we chose to eat.

So, yeah, it did all add up.

But, it wasn’t as cost prohibitive as many would assume.

The cost per head for 6 of us was, I think, amazing value.

And, from my experience, it’s human nature to assume that more time, effort and / or money go into many things we might like to do, than is actually needed.

And, therefore, not to do anything at all.

To tell ourselves that we don’t have time to get in better shape when there are things that we could do that take no time at all.

Or things we could do that take up a percent or two of the week.

We can just make some better food choices that take little to no additional time.

We can just do some exercise that will get us more benefits than none.

That, sure, might not get us in the Olympics………

But will lead to us having better health, fitness and energy levels down the line.

The great thing about many of the things that we’d like to achieve………

Is that there is a version that we can do that doesn’t require any additional resource.

Or that there’s a scalability – start with a very small amount that you might increase at times.

New York was never going to be free.

We kept the cost down massively to make it so it could happen, sure.

But there was always going to be a minimum cost.

But there are changes that you can make that require little to no expenditure of time that will take you in the direction that you want to go (and we’ll help you make many of these here, rather than just give you big list of time consuming stuff to do –> .

Much love,

Jon ‘Concrete jungle that dreams are made of’ Hall


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