It feels like a free coffee, doesn’t it?

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Do you ever do this?

You fancy a nice coffee.

You know – Costa, Starbucks, etc.

But you can’t really justify the extra cost as you’ll be home shortly where you can have an essentially free one.

But, it’s a different story when you’re filling up at the petrol station isn’t it?

Go in to pay and see that Costa machine.

You’ve already spent £47.12.

So making it £49.32 seems much of a muchness.

It all falls in the “filling up” expense.

Spending more money while we’re already spending money can feel very different to spending money versus spending no money.

Essentially a free coffee, no?

Ridiculous really.

The cost, is of course, exactly the same either way.

But we humans have a vast assortment of ways of justifying our choices.

Smash 2,000 calories on a night out?

Making it 3,000 while we’re at it, doesn’t seem much worse.

Eaten too much on a Friday night?

Might as well “write off” the weekend and “start again on Monday”.

Get “tempted by a biscuit” on Monday morning?

That’s it for the rest of the week.

Ultimately, we’re all grown ups.

We can spend our money on whatever we want.

And the same with our calories.

But it’s probably worth questioning some of those justifications.

Especially if they’re causing us to (do the equivalent of) spiral into ‘debt’.

Much love,

Jon ‘Central Perk’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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