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The last 18 months has been a challenging one for the Fitness Industry.

Half of that time we’ve been unable to offer in person coaching (I don’t use the word “closed” as we were still operating, just online).

For most of the remainder we were operating under restricted capacity.

Many facilities I know of haven’t reopened.

Or tried for a while only to call it a day since.

I’ve been really happy with how it’s gone for us.

There’s a hole in the budget that needs filling, sure.

And that will take a while.

But it’s a fillable hole.

We got back up to our pre COVID membership numbers not long after coming out of Lockdown.


We’ve been spending more than ever along the way.

So the other day I went through the account and did some cost cutting.

Looked for ways we could save money without a reduction in service.

I exported the last three months of online banking into an Excel sheet.

Because I’m an Excel geek.

And I decided to have a column for the different categories of expense and what, if anything, we could do with it.

I came up with 4Rs.

Remain, Remove, Reduce, Replace.

Costs that had to stay as they were (the overwhelming majority).

Things I could just stop spending money on (not much, sadly).

Things that we could reduce the amount we spent on (shift supplier, etc).

And things we could replace with an alternative that cost lest (I changed our text message supplier from one that was 4.9p per message to one that’s 2.7p – you’d be amazed how much we spend on texts).

I thought it was quite catchy.

Remain, Remove, Reduce, Replace.

I might patent it.

And I thought we could apply it to other areas of life we want to make changes to.

Like out eating.

We could categorize all the different meals, ingredients, drinks, etc that we consume.

Stuff we’re not willing or don’t feel able to change.

Things we could just stop having (no food is inherently fattening or unhealthy if the balance is there but, if we struggle with moderation, we might find it easier not having it around at least).

Food / drink we could reduce portion size of and / or have less frequently.

And things we could replace with an alternative that we’re equally happy to have but that contributes to a lower calorie intake (probably lower calorie density but similar volume) or some other beneficial measure.

Remain, Remove, Reduce, Replace.

We could do a quick audit of our current eating and drinking and put everything into those four categories.

What would that look like?

Jon ‘Kelly’ Hall

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RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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