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At 8.17pm on the 3rd March 1943 an air raid siren went off in Bethnal Green London.

Over the next 10 minutes approximately 2,000 locals headed into the unfinished tube station which was being used as an air raid shelter during the war.

It had a capacity of 10,000 and usually housed around 7,000 during raids so this was all fine.

So far.

At half eight the searchlight went on and new anti-aircraft rocket battery sounds were heard.

Believing this meant imminent bombing, people panicked and started pressing quickly down the staircase into the station.

A woman with a child fell near the bottom, causing others to trip over her.

Within minutes, as the unaware behind continued to press in, hundreds were piled up at the bottom of the stairs.

In total 173 people died and many others were wounded.

Out of all the nights of bombing of London, and elsewhere, only a few had more casualties.

And they usually involved several hundred bombers and fighters and many tonnes of explosives.

Fear killed more than any individual bomb.

And it’s often that it’s our emotions around a situation that will do more damage than the situation itself.

How we interpret what’s happening.

The narrative that creates in our heads.

The meaning we assign to it.

And how we allow that to make us feel.

What happens throughout the day leading down the line to us feeling the need to eat and / or drink in a way that provides momentary relief.

But makes us feel worse longer term.

Justifying not exercising because we’re “too busy”.

When it’s a “mindset about busyness thing” not a “busyness thing”.

Or creating a version of events in our heads where the exercise we could do “isn’t worth doing”.

Maybe the emotion we put into how we feel about changes to our food.

Or to eating out or socialising.

Realising that how we interpret things effects our response is powerful.

Getting to the point where we can choose what emotion we assign to situations rather than reverting to our default is liberating.

Remembering that it’s rarely the situation but the emotion that we attach to situation…………

Might just save our life!

Much love,

Jon ‘Lily Allen’ Hall

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