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My middle son went on his first school residential a month or so back.

After the previous two were COVIDed off.

It was at a PGL centre.

When he was telling us about it on his return my wife said “Do you know what PGL stands for?”

“It’s the initials of the founder”

“No – people often think that but it stands for “Parents Get Lost””

“They told us it was after Peter Gordon Lawrence”

A quick Google confirmed this was the case.

“But, that’s what they told me when I went to one” my wife forlornly responded.

“I’m not sure what to tell you – they were either mistaken or lying”

—— I’m going to talk about the difference between being mistaken and lying tomorrow – and how that might be relevant to you ——

Even now I’m not convinced she believes this new version of events and is tempted to stick to what she believes.

Despite being categorically proven wrong.

And I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Found concrete evidence to the contrary but held on to our ingrained beliefs.

Heard that everyone ever tested in laboratory circumstances has lost weight when in a verified, sustained calorie deficit………

But being convinced that we “don’t seem to be able to lose weight, no matter what I do”.

Reading that variances in energy needs (what we might call our “metabolism”) are usually in the magnitude of up to +/- 80 calories per day when body size and composition and activity levels are factored in……….

But maintaining that “our friend can eat whatever they like and never gain weight and I only have to look at a cake to pile it on”.

Having an internet full of healthier food choices which take the same amount of time, money and effort as less healthy ones………

But still insisting that “healthy eating is expensive, time consuming and hard work”.

Telling ourselves that we’re “too busy” to exercise and / or make better food choices……….

But refusing to take a 15 minute log for a week to see exactly where all that time is going and how we could tweak it by a few percent to make time.

Thinking that “mediation isn’t for me”………

Even though we’ve spent about 0.01% of the time practicing it that those who swear by it have.

It’s a super powerful thing to be open to being corrected.

No one likes being told they’re “wrong”.

But, when the alternative is continuing to be “wrong”……….

I know which I’d rather take.

Much love,

Jon ‘JCW’ Hall

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